Organization Development

How to change an organization? A simple question but a complex task.
Companies have to learn quickly and adapt rapidly to remain successful in a competitive environment.

There's no one-fits-all approach to organizational development but proven models, patterns, and methodologies that help identify what is suitable for your current system.

I believe in agile, incremental transitions over injecting radical changes and following rigid plans. Not neglecting that there can be good reasons for radical turnarounds. If you want to change incrementally and more sustainably, I am happy to consult and share my expertise.

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Agile Coaching

As an Agile Coach, I accompany units, teams, and individuals to become more effective over time:

  • by supporting them in identifying the most suitable methodologies based on their context.
  • by helping them to shift from coexistence into true collaboration.
  • by assisting them in understanding how to learn more quickly as a team and turning learning into purposeful action.
  • by assisting them in understanding what stakeholders are asking for and translating that into tangible outcomes.

I can help you assess where your teams and team members currently are and uncover ways to unleash their full potential.

I started my coaching career as an Agile Coach in 2011 at Jimdo. Not long after, I realized I could have a more profound impact with systemic coaching training.

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