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You are a first-time or an experienced leader and are looking for someone who can help you to advance your leadership and people skills.


You are looking for support to deal with your current professional challenges, i.e. a recent role change or a new set of responsibilities. 


You are looking for someone to support you and your teams to collaborate more effectively and unleash your full potential.

My Core Beliefs

I believe most people are inherently self-motivated and want to impact the world positively. But, people have good days and bad days. So do I. Hardly ever lacking motivation is a character trait, but often the result of unfortunate system design, too little empowerment, missing appreciation, lack of context, or shortage of clarity.

I believe creating the conditions for people to be successful is the foundation to deliver outstanding results. I always felt my role must be to create these conditions and to build the best kind of environment. Or at least to contribute to it. While I enjoy the effectiveness and speed of small, empowered, self-organized teams, I acknowledge the benefits of managing, leading, and directing. 

Building, growing, and leading an effective organization is a complex challenge. More often than not, do organizations and their leaders fail. 
Performance KPIs and metrics offer insights, drive a sense of urgency, and motivate action. Still, I believe it is strong leadership that connects people and has the power to transform organizations.

I believe candid feedback and coaching are essential to creating the conditions that ensure excellent results and sound performance over long distances. While I strongly advocate giving people responsibility for their personal and professional development, it is the organization's/leader's responsibility to provide them with the proper resources. 

Helping others grow is a purposeful and worthy (time) investment. You may earn immediate results, but you certainly invest in a relationship that positively impacts the future. This perspective leaves me with a patient and profound sense of trust in the capabilities of individuals and teams.

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