Nadja Macht

Leadership Coaching

I am supporting emerging and mature leaders to navigate today’s management challenges, learn from past mistakes, identify resources, and become future-fit effective leaders for the benefit of their teams, organizations, and stakeholders.

20+ years 

of software industry.

10+ years 

coaching experience.

10+ years

leadership experience.


As a coach, I follow a systemic, constructivist, client-centered approach. While I am focused on my client, I take the broader system or context, in which my client operates, into account. As a business coach, I primarily concentrate on the professional role of my clients.

My coaching career started in 2011 as an Agile Coach, coaching diverse international tech and non-tech teams in applying agile and lean principles, continuous  improvement, and self-organization. From 2016 until 2022, I supported Beratung Judith Andresen (BJA) from Hamburg in training professional Agile Coaches.

In 2012, I attended the certified systemic coach/consultant training at "die coachingakademie" in Hamburg. 

I decided to become a certified systemic coach because I wanted to be more effective at what I found deeply rewarding – enabling others to grow as individuals and as teams within their given system. 

Throughout my career, I've covered different leadership and management roles. Until recently, I guided and led the engineering department at Jimdo, a mid-sized and fast-paced software company with a vibrant culture based in Hamburg, as VP of Engineering.

I understand the requirements of modern work environments that have to learn and adapt quickly to deliver value to their customers and stay ahead of the competition as much as their need to attract, retain, and grow employees. 

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